Working the Crowd: How to Get Three Months Worth of Prospects in Three Hours or Less

with David Steele

In this program you learn:

=> The one marketing tool you must use to dramatically increase the number of prospects you gain.

Hint – you carry these around with you, and they are not business cards.

=> How to use simple forms to acquire the info you need from your prospects.

=> The most important words to use on your signs and posters.

=> How one change in your physical position makes all the difference.

=> The one prospect pulling question you have to ask.

=> How to create your impulse buy item that will pay your way.

=> The secret mindset necessary to get more prospects, publicity and profits from every event you attend.

=> How to create a “table rush” after you speak.

=> A secret weapon you can use when exhibiting at a booth or table.

=> And much much more!

David has presented, exhibited and attended many, many conferences and have learned by trial and error the secrets of walking away with hundreds of prospects for his businesses.

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