How to Have Fun, Play Large, and Retire Smiling

with David Steele and Jeff Herring

If you’ve ever worried about earning enough to pay your bills, had dreams of writing a book or similar accomplishment and held yourself back, or wondered how you’ll ever retire on your current income, this program is for you!

In this program you learn:

  • How David and Jeff went from struggling practices to leaders in their field in just a few years
  • How having fun and making money can go together like peanut butter and jelly
  • How to amaze yourself by accomplishing things you never thought possible
  • How to go beyond success and make a true difference in the world
  • How to open your own doors and find the opportunities and resources you need for success
  • How to leverage your time to work less and get more done (while your friends ask “When do you sleep!?”
  • Plus
    much moreā€¦

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