How to Create and Conduct Tele-Seminars to Market Your Practice

Conducting teleseminars is one of the most effective strategies to promote your practice and create additional streams of income. And the good news is that teleseminars are easy to set up and conduct once you know how.

In this program you learn:

– The difference between teleseminars, teleclasses, and teleconferences, and how to profit from each

– Where to get ideas for teleseminars in your niche

– How to structure the call for maximum benefit

– 5 ways to create the content of your teleseminar

– 3 ways to “put butts into virtual seats”

– The nuts and bolts you must know to do this well

– The best times during a call to make your offers

– How to leverage this one teleseminar into several different products and streams of income

– The one thing you MUST ALWAYS do

– The one thing you MUST NEVER do

– How the “fortune is in the follow up”

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